Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hang out

We had a lovely day yesterday with both of us back in the studio, sunny and hot, the cats has moved out,
Which means we can have our patio door open at all times and not be scared of cats escaping
After a hugely productive day (our assistant Lotta is working on the decorations for jojos wedding:)) we went for a drink on Broadway market in the sun and then on to a lovely little private orders evening with catwalk genius that was held at Shoreditch House, it is a great site for new designers!
We then went upstairs and had a poolside drink, felt like we were in LA!
It was super duper nice to hang out with our friend Chloe who works at Eley Kishimoto
The boys joined us there later with a bunch of americans and we had a great dinner! I had fish for the second time this week, note that I am a veggie, and have not eaten fish since the age of three, when I 'decided' that I was allergic:)

Check out the Marc JACKASS fannypack i got in NYC

Strawberry beer outside the Dove


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